The purpose of this site is not to support a political agenda, nor to cast aspersions on another. In fact the subject at hand has nothing to do with politics. Instead it has everything to do with issues of civil rights and liberties, security and integral freedom of choice.

This website is categorized into several sections that will walk the reader through various topics surrounding firearms;
Our Featured section is what we consider most relevant or interesting out of the other categories.
The Gun Defense category presents incidents in which a firearm is used defensively. We have mostly limited it to the year 2014. The intent is to show how firearms can and do save lives. This is a tiny sample of the most prominent cases and by no means a comprehensive list. The actual numbers are staggering.
The Research category is where studies, statistics and reports go.
In the News revolves around what is prevalent in the media, interviews, opinions and rebuttals of inaccurate anti-gun media coverage.

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It is a great disservice that for most non-gun owning citizens (and for many gun owners as well) the primary source of education on the subject of firearms has been politics and Hollywood. This has led to an unhealthy preponderance of false and misrepresented evidence about gun use and ownership, and has served only to place the subject of firearms into a realm far removed from reality. This is not the fault of the average person, but rather the fault of various groups, be they politically or commercially motivated. We see the lack of news media covering the daily stories of people using guns in self-defense. It’s more “news worthy” when it’s bad news, keeping people glued to the tube, and fits a specific political narrative. It saddens us to hear people espousing “facts” they learned from movies or from a “gun expert”, without knowing anything about the subject themselves. We see “studies” with no citations and most often abusing statistics to mislead the reader. With this constant barrage of dramatic media and anti-gun bias, people have no objective way to discern the truth from fiction.

This website doesn’t solve this problem, it does attempt to present the information to the reader and help fortify their own discovery into this vast subject. The goal of this site is to be a source of information aimed at dispelling the mythology that is perpetuated around guns. We hope that you can broaden your understanding and begin to see how important freedom of choice in this matter truly is.

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