11 year old girl saves her mother and siblings from violent molester

An 11-year-old girl likely saved her mother’s life and protected four other children when she shot her mother’s ex-boyfriend during a violent domestic dispute early Wednesday morning in Oklahoma City.

Local media reported that Leonard Henry, 25, broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Brandy Moreno, around 4:30 a.m. Moreno, who is currently pregnant with Henry’s baby, was home with her five children at the time.

Once Henry was inside, a physical altercation ensued and Henry allegedly stabbed Moreno multiple times in the eye, neck and chest. During the altercation one child called 911 and the 11-year-old, identified as Jayda Milsap, grabbed her mother’s handgun and fired several shots at Henry, striking him at least twice.

Authorities also confirmed that Moreno had filed a protective order against Henry just last week, but the paper did nothing to keep him away. In fact, neighbors said Henry had been to the home several times in the past week.

Apparently Moreno took out the protective order in an effort to keep herself and her children safe. According to the protective order, Moreno “witnessed Henry sexually molesting” the children. After further investigation it was discovered that the abuse had apparently gone on for years. The order apparently went into great detail about the abuse, explaining that Henry had held a gun to the head of one of the girls and threatened to “kill her if she didn’t keep their secret,” which was that he had “photographs of her private parts.”

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