Black Guns Matter: The 2nd Amendment is color blind

Toure’s group, Black Guns Matter, came about after he saw a lot of misinformation in his neighborhood and similar urban areas nationwide on his travels as an artist and it disturbed him.

“You know, our information base started to look as if – to us, it looked like this was deliberate – like there is a deliberate attempt to make sure that people in the hood don’t have firearms,” Toure said. “And then doing a little bit of research we start to see that all gun control laws come from right after the emancipation of newly freed African people. So that being the case, instead of complaining about we just came up with something that could address that ignorance and it’s Black Guns Matter.”

Contrary to the typical talking points on gun crime and violence in inner city areas, which hold increased regulation on legal firearms sales and possession and denying the right to carry as a solution, Toure feels that it is a political bait and switch.

“Gun control is a sham. It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control,” he said. “It’s about trying to convince people that somehow the government is going to be responsible for your safety. That’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Hey, we have fires. Take all of the fire extinguishers out of your home because if there’s a fire, the firemen will just come.’ No, we’re not doing it.”

Toure said making legal guns harder to buy and possess is not the solution, and turns a blind eye to reality.

“Now, okay, how does that make that ordinary citizen that just wants to go to the range or hunt or protect his family or her family, how does that make them safer? So now you’re going to criminalize them and make them get an illegal gun, too?” he said.

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