Eight Defensive gun uses by People Legally Carrying Guns Over 12 Days

The couple told police they were unloading groceries when two suspects jumped from a Toyota Camry and rushed them. The first suspect held a gun to the wife’s head as the second rummaged through the man’s pockets. That second man’s gun was pointed at the husband’s stomach, police said.

“All of the sudden when we walked towards our door, two guys ran up behind us here and they told us to drop everything. I was just worried about my wife and my unborn child. She’s due in two weeks.”

A neighbor, who is in the National Guard, saw the incident in progress and took action. Authorities said he grabbed his own gun and charged the suspects, causing the first suspect to take off running.

“He hopped out with his gun and told him to drop it.” . . .

Despite being ordered to drop his gun, the suspect pointed the weapon at the good Samaritan and returned the gunfire. . . .

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