More gun restrictions unpopular: CNN/ORC Poll shows

Contrary to the likes of Michael Bloomberg, president Obama, Everytown and just about every mass media outlet. It is becoming increasingly more obvious that Americans are wising up to the farce of gun control.

Respondents were asked “In your view, do existing laws make it too easy for people to buy guns, too difficult, or are they about right?”
Half of respondents (49%) thought laws were “about right.” The best part was 10% responded that current laws make buying a gun “too difficult.” Together, this means a strong majority (59%) of Americans are opposed to further restrictions and gun control.

“If gun control laws were changed so that more comprehensive background checks were put in place for all gun purchases, how likely do you think that they would… prevent those with mental health problems from buying guns.
Respondents were offered the options of “extremely likely, “very likely,” “somewhat likely,” and “not at all likely.” A majority (56%) answered that checks were not at all likely or only somewhat likely to prevent such sales.

The same question was also asked as to whether further background checks would prevent convicted criminals from buying guns; and those polled were even more skeptical. This time, 58% thought that checks were not at all likely or only somewhat likely to restrict these sales.

While this is great news, to see the majority of Americans are critically thinking, there are still a lot of people out there that have been brainwashed by the anti-gun politicians and special interest media outlets.

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original POLL, pdf: CNN-Poll_domestic-issues

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