Universal Background Checks: Another ineffective, feel good legislation

  1. This will do zero to stop or even slow down a mass murderer. Although, this is what the universal background bill has been advertised to do. That is shameful and the lawmakers know better, they just want to make people feel good.
  2. Its unconstitutional! “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
  3. Prohibited people or people intending to break the law buy their guns on the black market. Its more convenient, cheaper and poses much less risk for them.
  4. Making criminals out of law abiding people is never good. Not being able to loan a firearm, store a firearm at a friends house (while in transition or if ones house is no longer safe for storage). Not being able to hand down family heirlooms to sons and daughters without red tape and fees.
  5. These laws are not enforceable. You know a law is bad when its impossible to enforce and introduces a massive amount of grey areas that tie up courts and waste law enforcements time and our tax money. It is also very likely that a gun registration will be introduced to “uphold” these types of legislations.
  6. Introducing even more problems and impossible regulation into the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) system. The NIC System is in need of more resources and already has more false positives than not. The last thing it needs is a massive influx of useless applications.
  7. The injustice of disarming peaceful, non-violent people based on expanded intrusions of privacy into their health records, social media, school records, etc. Additionally, people who have drug convictions or other non-violent crimes that are prohibited from gun ownership. These people are often disadvantaged groups that are disproportionately impacted by these laws.

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