circle k employee layed off for defending himself from brutal robbing

A Circle K employee was fired after he opened fire on an armed robber two weeks ago in Douglasville, Georgia, and now he’s asking customers to boycott the convenience store, the local NBC affiliate reports.

on Nov. 2 just after 9 a.m. when a man walked in, pepper sprayed his face, slammed his head to the ground, put a gun to his head and demanded cash.

“I can’t really describe all the expletive words he used,” Jarriel told the station. “But basically ‘give me the money’ or he was gonna kill me and he was very specific about, you know, what he was gonna do to me.”

Jarriel told the man that the safe was located at the front of the store and when the would-be robber turned his back on the employee, Jarriel pulled his handgun from his pocket and fired several shots at the man. Although the suspect did not appear to be hit by the gunfire, the bullets still sent him fleeing, “like a scared rabbit” the NBC affiliate described.

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