Conceled carrier killed while attempting to stop active shooters in walmart

LAS VEGAS — The man who was killed when he attempted to stop Jerad and Amanda Miller from taking more lives in the Wal-Mart store is being hailed as a hero.

Joseph Wilcox, 31, was legally carrying his own concealed handgun when he was shot.

“He had his gun on him. He worked his way towards the gunman and next I hear, I start hearing gunshots,” said Jeremy Tanner, Wilcox’s friend.

What Wilcox didn’t know is that Amanda Miller was behind him with her own gun.

“He did not realize Amanda Miller was with Jerad Miller and passed her directly. As soon as he began to confront Jerad Miller, Amanda Miller removed her firearm and shot him one time,” Sheriff Gillespie said.

“I don’t even think he ever saw it coming,” said Debra Wilcox, his mother.

The shooters had just killed two police officers before entering the Walmart to continue the killing spree.

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